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CELLULAR MATRIX PRP hyaluronan-enriched rejuvenation

Dr. Angela Murdjeva has 10 years of activity in the dental sector for adults and children with proven professionalism and dedication to her clients.

In which cases can the PRX-T33 peeling help:

A trendy restaurant that knows how to make everyday life unusual.


Autocosmetic, body repair for all types of vehicles, repair and painting of damaged vehicles, polishing and corrections.

24 hours professional assistance and services on the road in the country and abroad. (Serbia, Greece, Bulgaria and many others).

International frigo transport throughout Europe

Ideal place for short and long stay for groups and individuals, located on the main boulevard at the entrance to the city.

Sweetland is a subsidiary of DPTU Extra FOODS DOOEL - Gevgelija, which in its brief existence has conquered the national market with various sweet pleasures.

Lemeks transport offers its services with 40 trucks, 20 of which are with “Euro 5” standards and 20 are with “Euro 6” standards from the renown producers Volvo, Scania and Mercedes.

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Era cosmetics by Elena Risteska

Era cosmetics by Elena Risteska


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