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Monday, 05/03/2018

Gil Dooel Spedicion

Friday, 16/03/2018

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Monday, 05/03/2018

Gil Dooel Spedicion

Gil Dooel Spedicion

The company Gil Gevgelija, which deals with international freight forwarding and logistics, has existed since 1992.

The firm's office is located at Border Crossing Bogorodica.

The GIL team is trained and certified for performing all customs procedures, for which the company has all necessary licenses and permits for representation in all customs procedures.


The main activity of Gil:

- Advocacy on customs clearance of goods at the Border Crossing Point of Bogorodica

- Customs warehousing of goods

- Services in transit of goods

- Organizing transport to all European destinations

- Logistics




Gil's working time:

IMPORT CUSTOMS: from 7.30 to 19.30

EXPORT CUSTOMER: from 00 am to 24 pm

TRANSIT: from 00 to 24 o'clock

RE-EXPORT: from 00 till 24 o'clock

Every day of the week, including holidays and weekends.


Address: Border crossing Bogorodica - Gevgelija

1480 Gevgelija

tel. +389 34 230 010;

Fax: +389 34 230 090;

Mobile: +389 70 320 920

+389 70 238 679

+389 70 320 750

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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Era cosmetics by Elena Risteska


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